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Still Open for Business & FREE Emergency Back-to-Work Package!

I hope you and your family are all managing to stay healthy (and sane!) during these uncertain times. It’s business as usual here at CK Futures. I work from home anyway, my kids are teenagers now and more than capable … Continue reading

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Is the CV Dead?

The short answer to this question…..? YES… well, sort of! “But wait, (I hear you cry), you’re a CV writer – this is your bread and butter!” Well, of course, the answer is far more nuanced.

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Is your CV weather tight or leaking?

Your CV is very much like the roof of a house. You can keep patching it and patching it, but at some point you need to think carefully about whether it might be time to start from scratch.

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How to Improve Your Job Application by Using Psychology

The current job market is as competitive as ever and in order to provide yourself with the best possible chance of success, try focussing on how you are actually approaching your job search.

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Free CV Templates & Interview Techniques Book

We are pleased to be able to offer 15 CV design templates and the CK Futures Interview Techniques Book now for free.

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Santa’s CV Assessment

Even some of the most successful and popular personalities need to have their CV updated. This CV came from a Mr S. Claus who has clearly gained a lot of experience during his (very) long career – but still his … Continue reading

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How to prepare for a job interview

You get called to an interview and after the initial exhilaration there’s the realisation that whilst you’ve made it through the initial selection process there is a still bigger mountain climb and like mountain climbing, without proper preparation your chances … Continue reading

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Hello from CK Futures Professional CV Writers – How are you getting on?

With Christmas approaching at the speed of light, some of you may very well be thinking about a career change for 2014. You may be in the fortunate position to really enjoy what you do and perhaps your CK Futures … Continue reading

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5 reasons you should use a professional CV writing service

There’s a knack to writing a persuasive resume and all too often people get it wrong. They wonder why they haven’t been asked to come for an interview little realising their CV is the main cause of the problem.

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How CV writers help you avoid costly mistakes

According to the National Careers Service the biggest cause of problems when applying for new jobs was using a generic CV to send out to employers. Nearly 80% of advisers from the National Careers Service said candidates aren’t being offered … Continue reading

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