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CV Writing

I write the CVs I’d want to read as an employer.  Crafted to reflect your achievements and positioned to hit your career goals, your new professional CV will make it easy for employers to connect with you and feel excited about interviewing you.  

Visually appealing and full of personality, your new CV will be packed full of key words and is created to zip through online screening systems (ATS). I typically create CVs for people at critical transition points of their career and as such, this involves getting to know you, finding out what you’re good at, revealing your achievements and understanding your aspirations.  No two CVs are ever the same; I start from scratch, research where needed then start the creative process of writing.  For this, I lock myself away, turn the phone off and immerse myself in your world and your CV – it’s the only way I know how to write.  CVs vary in length from 600>2000 words and take me between 2-6 hrs to create, depending on the complexity and length of your career. 


I create LinkedIn profiles to give you a professional online presence, build your network of contacts, connect with potential employers and enable recruiters to find you for the right roles. 1 in 3 professionals on the planet use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is your visible professional image to the outside world that can connect you to past colleagues and customers and pivot you towards future ones.  Employers and customers are likely to check out your LinkedIn profile before they meet you and it’s used by headhunters/recruiters to find people for specialist roles.  LinkedIn does a lot to help the job hunter, however its real purpose is to bring professional people across the globe closer together and build a community of business relationships.  Hard not to love really.  I write the content for LinkedIn Profiles, covering all sections to create an ‘All Star Profile’ that ramps up your online impact and amplifies your professional credibility.  

Interview Coaching

It’s unusual for people to look forward to interviews – but it is possible! Delivered in 1-1 bespoke online sessions, I coach you to be fully prepared and confident for your next interview.  Using your existing interview experiences and objectives as a starting point, we identify areas to work on, we cover them and we practice.   

Areas covered in Interview Coaching can include; different types of interview; competencies, skills and knowledge needed for the role; identifying achievements & evidence that match these criteria; questions from the employer; responding to difficult questions; questions to ask the employer; mock interview and interview feedback. 

The nuances of communication and interviews are also a key part of this. We will discuss body language, communicating authentically, conveying enthusiasm and building rapport. Providing you with honest, constructive feedback based on my experiences as an interviewer and an interview coach, I type up notes of our sessions which are provided for your reference and you will normally be expected to do some exercises (homework!) in-between.  


For businesses experiencing change, my outplacement services enable you to provide meaningful, practical support to employees who are exiting the organisation.   

Offering a range of outplacement services, this can include 1-1 employee consultations; professional CV preparation; LinkedIn creation; Covering Letter; Interview Coaching and ongoing support to help employees transition quickly and confidently into their new roles.  

Outplacement makes it possible for employees experiencing redundancy to leave feeling valued and positive about their experiences with your business and can make remaining employees feel re-engaged and more secure about their future with your organisation. 

Helping You Achieve Career Success


Since setting up CK Futures in 1998, I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people move into new careers. Driven by a desire to help others achieve the job of their dreams, I have become an expert in helping people during redundancy, returning to work and career change. This has led to being awarded national contracts for people in these situations and I have over 15 years’ experience delivering my CV Masterclass training and CV Writing services across the UK for organisations dedicated to helping others progress their careers. This includes working closely with niche recruiters, executive coaches, HR specialists and specialist support groups.

Why Choose CK Futures?

One of the UK’s first ever professional CV writers – trading since 1998

‘Best CV Writing and Career Support Service’ Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

Expert in helping people affected by returning to work, redundancy and career change

I train other CV writers and recruitment employees in CV Writing across the UK

Track record helping thousands of people, all stages of their careers in multiple sectors

Complete support - from CV writing, to LinkedIn, Cover Letters and Interview Coaching

How do I work?

Working with you is a collaboration and a trusted partnership. A vital part of the process is obtaining your details and getting to understand you and your career aspirations. This can be done in many ways that suit you. When I have your information I then create your CV or LinkedIn from scratch, writing in ‘your voice’ and target your CV and LinkedIn towards your career goals. You can expect your CV and LinkedIn to reflect your achievements, career, skills and personality in an interesting, compelling way to prospective employers. It will also be packed full of keywords to get through ATS systems. When the interviews start to come in, if you would like interview coaching then let me know!

How much do your services cost?

My rates for writing are based on £80 per hour. It takes between 2-6 hrs to write a CV from scratch depending on your level of experience and I have 3 different CV rates to reflect this. Please contact me for a detailed list of my services, the process and rates.

Who are your services for?

I work with people from career entry-level up to C-Suite executives internationally and everyone in-between. I have multi-sector experience and can support people in any industry.

How long will it take?
I get booked up in advance and my availability changes with market demand. I recommend you contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in having your CV prepared and I can provide you with my first availability dates and, if you are in agreement, - I’ll get you booked in!
Can I make any changes to my CV or LinkedIn?

Yes. I email your new professional CV back to you for your approval. If you need any changes at this stage, just let me know and I will do them quickly for you. Your CV will be sent in Word and PDF, enabling you to ‘own’ your CV and edit if needed further down the line.

When I get a new job, can you add it onto my new CV or LinkedIn?

Yes. It’s good to keep it up-to-date. Once you’ve had your professional CV or LinkedIn created, you won’t ever need to pay the full cost again for a new one. To add any new experience to your CV work would be charged by the hour.

Can I have a 1-1 consultation?

Yes if you would like to tell me your details in person, I advise booking in an in-depth 1-1 consultation. This is an additional £45 and our meeting can be via phone/Zoom or Skype. I would advise this if possible as it helps to gain a deeper understanding of you and your experience.  

About Me

I always wanted to be a writer; it was the only subject I truly loved at school.  Like many of my customers I now work with, I thought I needed a ‘proper’ job so I opted for a business degree and then started a career in HR. Specialising in recruiting, selecting and training new staff, I was the one who sifted through mountains of CVs and made decisions on who to select and who to reject. 

The writer in me became fascinated by CVs and the person in me wanted to hire everyone.  I was amazed, sometimes shocked and always intrigued by how people wrote about themselves and came across at interview. 

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"I recommend Charlotte to my clients making redundancies and would like to offer support to their outgoing employees. The feedback is always glowing, her approach is kind, considered, professional and she is very knowledgeable in her field, helping employees move forward quickly into new roles."

Charlotte Allfrey

Metro HR Consultancy

"Charlotte provided me with very constructive feedback about my mock interview for a graduate assessment centre.
I felt much more relaxed and confident for my interview and was offered a role in an international accountancy firm."


University of Nottingham Graduate

"Charlotte is without doubt, the most talented professional CV writer I have ever come across, and I write CVs! I was immediately impressed with her work ethic and core values and she has consistently provided an exceptional service"

Andy Labrum

Founder, Blue Light Leavers

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