I hope you and your family are all managing to stay healthy (and sane!) during these uncertain times.

It’s business as usual here at CK Futures. I work from home anyway, my kids are teenagers now and more than capable of feeding and schooling themselves! So in that sense, I consider myself to be very fortunate. However, I am receiving messages daily from customers whose jobs have already been affected by Covid -19 and they now face an uncertain few months ahead. During a time when looking after each other has never been more important, I hope that all of you are taken care of by your employers as much as they possibly can.

Free Emergency Back-to-Work Package:

I started CK Futures with the sole aim of helping people move into work as quickly as possible and this aim seems more relevant now than ever. With this in mind, I am offering a FREE Emergency Back-to-Work package to you or anyone you know whose job has been affected by Covid-19 and they are now seeking employment. This package includes 10 CV Templates, a Covering Letter Template and my Interview Technique Guide.

25% Discounted rates:

I am also offering 25% off all services for people who have lost their job due to Covid-19 and they would like me to professionally create their new CV, LinkedIn or covering letter for them. This 25% applies to all CK Futures services including updating an old/existing CK Futures CV.

If you or anyone you know is interested in either of these support services, please just drop me an email: charlotte@ckfutures.co.uk

Get connected:

If we’re not already connected on LinkedIn – now is a good time! Send me an invite and let’s stay in touch – https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlotteevecvwriter/

I will be posting regular updates on LinkedIn on who’s hiring at the moment, volunteering opportunities and anything else that fits into the ‘damn useful, good to know’ category.

Take care of yourselves,

Charlotte Eve