The short answer to this question…..? YES… well, sort of!

“But wait, (I hear you cry), you’re a CV writer – this is your bread and butter!” Well, of course, the answer is far more nuanced. When I say the ‘CV is dead’ I mean the ‘traditional’ CV is dead and in fact, it’s long been dead.

The real you

Gone are the days when a CV was just a bland list of historical duties. Just listing what you have done in a dull impersonal way is not going to get you through the door to interview. CVs these days are far more of a person-focused narrative, that helps bring an employer or recruiter to a closer understanding of what the applicant is offering, what makes them different or interesting and what the stand out moments in their career and life have been.

The CV never stands alone

The CV was once the stand-alone tool for a job application. This is not the case anymore and I have written on the importance of ensuring that your digital profile matches the quality of your CV. Employers are savvy enough to know that your digital footprint is also of huge importance in finding out more about the real you. Have a read here about how your social accounts can impact your candidacy and I’d definitely advise that you pay close attention to your LinkedIn profile!

You don’t have to write alone!

I know for many people writing a CV can be a daunting prospect especially if it’s been years since you last looked at yours. Moving to the modern CV format is not an easy thing to do but if you are looking at your CV and wondering where to start then take a look at some of my CV Writing Tips and if after reading all of that, you are still struggling to see how to start or rewrite your CV then get in touch. Using a professional CV writer is an organic process that allows you to step back from your working life and focus in on the most pertinent parts. At the end of the process, you will almost certainly have a better sense of your career and you’ll also have in your possession a CV that communicates who you are in an engaging way that really helps you stands out.

The CV isn’t dead and neither is the covering letter!

It amazes me how much people focus on their CV and then run out of steam when writing something as important as the covering letter. Most people still don’t put enough time and thought into one and yet this is their chance to introduce themselves and show why they want the job. So take your time, treat the covering letter with the respect it needs and create an engaging letter that makes an employer want to eagerly look at your CV.