Charlotte Spencer

Career Change Expert

Writing and helping people develop and achieve success in their careers are my two greatest passions.

My Story

I always wanted to be a writer; it was the only subject I truly loved at school. Like many of my customers I now work with, I thought I needed a ‘proper’ job so I opted for a business degree and then started a career in HR. Specialising in recruiting, selecting and training new staff, I was the one who sifted through mountains of CVs and made decisions on who to select and who to reject.

The writer in me became fascinated by CVs; the person in me wanted to hire everyone. I was amazed, sometimes shocked and always intrigued by how people wrote about themselves and came across at interview.

I noticed people with more ‘complicated’ career information had more challenges than others in the recruitment and selection process. These included parents returning to work, people who had experienced redundancy, people with career gaps and those looking for career change. Wanting to help these people the most, I set up ‘CK Futures Ltd’, put an ad in the paper and the phone didn’t stop ringing. Since then, I’ve worked with more than 20,000 customers across the globe, been awarded nationwide contracts to support back-to-work organisations and helped businesses take care of their staff during downsizing.

Every customer is completely unique, no two CVs are ever the same and learning how to tell this special story loud and clear to land an interview is what I absolutely love doing. I’ve ended up being a writer – in a different, much better way than I expected! I’ve helped thousands of people find jobs that bring them happiness and would love to help you. Get in touch!


One of the UK’s first ever professional CV writers – trading since 1998

‘Best CV Writing and Career Support Service’ Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

Worked with Maximus and Working Links for over 10 years, supporting job seekers nationwide

Partner relationships in place with HR Consultants and Executive Coaches, providing outplacement and specialist career services

Trained CV writers and recruiters UK wide

My Approach

The job market has changed dramatically in the last 15 years and my approach is constantly evolving. I now create CVs and Profiles to be read by a computer system (ATS) before a human screens them. Spooky. Which is why a fantastic CV matters more now than ever. Working with you is a partnership, I care about helping you, want to hear about your progress and I’ve known many customers for over 20 years, helping them at every step of their career. My approach to writing about you is immersive. I turn my phone off, shut my office door and concentrate on nothing else apart from you whilst I am writing. (emails are always the best way to reach me!)

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