Your CV is very much like the roof of a house. You can keep patching it and patching it, but at some point you need to think carefully about whether it might be time to start from scratch.

Fortunately, creating a professional CV doesn’t cost anything like a re-roofing a house, but in many instances we know that maintaining or creating a professional CV is just as valuable.


If you’re trying to work out what your CV needs, then ask yourself a couple of quick questions:

How long ago was it that I last updated my CV?

If the answer is anything over a year then the chances are your CV is seriously out-dated not just in terms of your own skills and achievements, contact info, references, etc. But CVs also change in style and format regularly and you need to know that you are using a contemporary style and layout. Using a CV Writer is a very good place to start!

How many versions do I now have?

If you are working on version 10 or 11, then that means you could have been ‘patching’ a lot and to use the roof analogy further, the chances are your CV is leaking! Starting from scratch at this point is a great way of gaining a fuller perspective of your career to date. Our team of experienced CV writers work on a one to one basis with each client to create a comprehensive and clear picture of an individual’s career; utilising the most effective terms and layout relevant to the chosen industry.

How many pages do I have on my CV?

If your CV is spilling over 3 pages then it is need of some significant re-work to bring it back to 2-3 pages. Perhaps you are still including jobs that are no-longer as relevant as they used to be, you may be unsure of what employers expect in terms of your career history or how to present it. At CK Futures, we deal with this daily and know exactly what do with your information.

How have my career goals changed?

The chances are that over the years you career goals have changed and if you are using an old CV you most probably have a document that is now focused on irrelevant goals. Working with a CV Writer will give you the opportunity to realign your CV with your latest goals to create a goal relevant and professional CV.

These questions will help you to work out what your CV needs. At CK Futures we are happy to talk over exactly what you need, whether it is just to refresh your CV or overhaul it. Get in touch with us today and we’ll give you the professional peace of mind your career and CV needs.