According to the National Careers Service the biggest cause of problems when applying for new jobs was using a generic CV to send out to employers. Nearly 80% of advisers from the National Careers Service said candidates aren’t being offered interviews because they simply didn’t tailor their CV to the job in question. People simply aren’t spending enough time on their CVs and this prevents them from even getting to the interview stage. Plus some other worrying facts from the National Careers Service highlight other problems with CVs which could simply be addressed with a little support from professional CV writers.

Length of CV

In 65% of reported cases to the National Careers Service the length of the CV was the main cause of the problem. There’s a definite art to trimming a CV and removing the waffle and that’s something a qualified CV writer can handle without a problem. If you have a long-winded resume that has a mega snooze factor recruiters will simply toss it in the bin. Let a CV writer create a punchy, on-focus resume and recruiters will be hooked when they read through your skills and qualifications.

Spelling mistakes

Again the National Careers Service note that in 61% of cases there were spelling mistakes in CVs and that’s a guaranteed way to see your resume thrown on the reject pile. Simple spelling mistakes have a negative impact on your CV so if you struggle with spelling ask a CV writer to proofread your resume and amend any faults it might have. Don’t give employers the opportunity to dismiss your CV due to poor spelling, get it right through a qualified CV writer.

Not selling strengths

The National Careers Service claim that over 76% of CVs fail to highlight the candidate’s strengths. That’s plain crazy. If you are trying to get noticed you need to wow recruiters and that means making them aware of what you are good at and why they should hire for the position advertised. An established CV writer can help you in this area. Let the team at CK Futures re-write a CV and recruiters will be dazzled with your skills.