Here are some guidelines on writing an interview generating CV. These simple tips will help you to really hone your CV and consider what elements make a CV stand out.

Be Positive

Leave out any negative information i.e. illness /divorce. Even the nicest of employers tell us that sympathy never works on a CV. The tone of your CV needs to be upbeat, energetic and vibrant.

Competence and Skills Focused

Clearly show your strengths and unique attributes to give you an edge over other candidates. Research has shown that including competence statements on your CV can increase your chance of interview by up to 30%.

Be Relevant and Targeted

Every sentence on your CV should be included for a positive reason. Be ruthless and cut out any waffle. Target your CV for every job.

Achievement led in wording

Include some ‘snazzy’ action words, particularly in your employment section. Here’s some to get you started:
Successfully / Efficiently / Dramatically / Enhanced / Improved / Inspired / Transformed / Created / Revitalised!

Present your CV Professionally

Your CV should be 1-2 pages long. If it spills over be ruthless! You do not need to tell an employer everything about yourself, just enough relevant, interesting information to encourage them to interview you.

Most CVs are emailed, make sure the formatting is good and if you use any colour, that it prints off clearly.

Save your CV in MS Word and PDF if you can.

Emailed CVs should be in PDF, they look more professional and the formatting will remain exactly as you intended it.

Smarty pants tip: You may be interested in downloading our CV Templates for £5 via our website to help you present your CV professionally. They also include some real examples of CVs.