This year I’ve mastered the art of reflecting backwards, rather than looking forwards, because ‘to-do lists’ made me feel an overwhelmed scaredy pants – and ‘finishing my book’ has been on there for 6 years now, SO time to get real.

If you haven’t already, maybe now is a good time to think about all the things you have done in 2021, rather than the things you hope to do in 2022?

This year all my plans – like yours I suspect – went out of the window. I was going to launch a CV writing YouTube Channel (never happened), finish my book (not a chance) and produce a downloadable online writing course (I did at least think about that). BUT instead of bashing myself over the head about what I didn’t do, here’s what I did do – and most of this came to me left field, like a shiny thing in the corner of my vision:

  • Became a Youth Mentor (LOVE it)
  • Appointed as Board Member of the British Association of CV Writers (Making new friends and connections in the world of CV writing)
  • Was given a government-funded contract to write CVs for people who have lost their jobs due to covid – (this has been really rewarding and made me feel ‘useful’ amongst the chaos)
  • Hired a team of 12 new CV writers to help me with this contract (and realised I love working with a ‘team’)
  • Wrote approx 50 CVs for police who were retiring/changing career (which meant learning about how the police tackle things like counter-terrorism and serious and organised crimes)
  • Guest speaker on a few podcasts
  • Completed a ‘Positive Intelligence’ 6-week programme (Wow – blew my mind)
  • Delivered my CV Masterclass Course to the Department of Work and Pensions and Job Centres in Wales (pushing me out of my comfort zone by learning how to do training online to large groups)

Alongside work, I’ve had the full range of middle-aged experiences including – my son starting University in Leeds, my daughter becoming a world champion at the dance world cup (whoop whoop!), and my mum’s health nose-diving and moving her into a care home…all of which has meant I’ve never been more than 3 feet away from a box of tissues and travelling back to my roots ‘up north’ more is on the cards for 2022.

The most surprising thing I’ve done in 2021, was to join a gym. This isn’t ‘me’ – but it is now.

I didn’t plan for any of the best things I’ve done in 2021. So I won’t be making any plans for 2022 either. How about you and what did you do in 2021 that you weren’t expecting?

If you’re thinking about moving forward in your career, you have to look backwards at what you have done/achieved and capture it, document it, and share it with others before you can move into a new role. With the (Covid) year we’ve just had – I think patting ourselves on the back for anything we have managed to do has to be a good thing.

So, here’s to being kind to ourselves in 2022, keeping an open mind and always watching out for the shiny thing appearing in the corner of your eye.


Charlotte Eve

Charlotte Eve is an award winning CV Writer, LinkedIn Writer and Interview Coach, helping people internationally to move confidently into new roles. With an HR background, passion for writing and determination to pursue a ‘useful’ career, Charlotte set up C K Futures to support people most at risk in the job market. She is recognised by recruitment agencies, career coaches and back-to-work organisations nationwide as a specialist in helping people affected by redundancy, those seeking career change, individuals with complicated careers, parent returners and those with career gaps. Charlotte has helped more than 20,000 people into new roles, delivers her Masterclass Course to employment organisations and is sought out by businesses for her outplacement services. Also mum to two teenagers, Charlotte supports charities to help young adults and is a Youth Mentor.