Now that spring has finally sprung (despite ‘The Beast from the East’s best efforts) we think of new life and new beginnings. For many, the winter has been a time of planning career change and I’m pleased to have been actively involved in helping lots of people to either get onto the career ladder, return to work or take their career to the next level.

I thought I’d take this time to share some stories of success and also give you a quick flavour of what I have been up to.

We’ve had some great success stories this month from customers who had the odds stacked against them including:

A C-suite exec who had previously been looking to land his next ‘big’ role for 2 years. Whist using his old CV he had received no traction, and approached me to help him create a CV that got him to the all important interview stage. During the rewriting of his CV I was able to work on emphasising his achievements and experiences. Using the new CV he was called to 5 interviews and has just started a major COO role.

A PhD Biophysics Graduate looking to move from the science arena into a commercial role. I rewrote his CV and provided interview coaching and am glad to say that he has just been offered a role at KPMG beating hundreds of applicants to the post.

A Business Development Manager who wanted to break into the medical healthcare sector and wasn’t making it to interview with her old CV. After writing her CV and creating a new LinkedIn Profile that highlighted her transferable strengths, she has now started a BDM role with a global medical product supplier.

CK Futures

This year has been busy! Since the start of the year I have written lots of diverse CVs for international clients from as far afield as Thailand, Singapore, Australia.

I love my work as it gives me the chance to research all sorts of interesting careers. I recently wrote a CV for a Soil Scientist in Australia – a career I’d personally never come across before and I love the fact that no 2 clients are ever the same!

I was also recently interviewed by local radio station Radio Reverb on the Business Show. You can catch the interview here >>

Team Domenica – an important local charity

Since Xmas I have been working with the charity ‘Team Domenica’ writing CVs for young adults with learning disabilities to help them get into paid employment. It’s been a hugely rewarding experience and I hope to continue this well into 2019. Team Domenica is a social enterprise charity based at 7 Preston Road Brighton.

Team Domenica helps young adults with learning disabilities to find and retain meaningful employment to give them a sense of purpose, direction and belonging in their local community. There are 1.5m people with learning disabilities in the UK, 94% of whom are not in paid employment and as such are missing out their basic right to aspire to a career.

Team Domenica offers training and support to these individuals, helping them at every step of the way into progressing into employment. If you are interested in finding out more about Team Domenica you can visit

Easy ways you can help Team Domenica:

Pop into the Team Domenica cafe and have a coffee or lunch! (7 Preston Road – it’s near Preston Park). If you know any businesses local to Brighton/Hove/Lewes areas that would be interested in offering work experience to a young adult with learning disabilities let me know and I will connect you to the right person at Team Domenica!

I hope you have had a very Happy Easter and do get in touch with me and let me know what you have been up to!