As a professional CV writer, many of my customers are seeking a career change and require a focus on their ‘transferable skills’.  Working closely with my customers, this is something I enjoy helping them to reveal, particularly when many are not aware of the scope or value of their skills.  

To illustrate this in the Christmas Spirit I have written a list of Father Christmas’s transferable skills as if he were applying for a team leader role in a busy warehouse environment:

Father Christmas – Transferable Skills:

Communication skills: A confident and versatile communicator with a natural ability to communicate with Reindeer, demonstrating the full range of grunts, snorts and ‘Ho Ho Ho’s’ necessary to maintain their focus and keep them on track to deliver results

Physical strength:  Can offer an unusually round physique which belies an exceptional level of physical agility and nimbleness in squeezing through small narrow spaces without losing trousers or displaying posterior

Well groomed and approachable: A substantial white beard has been cultivated over many years to convey a genial demeanour and proclivity for excessive jolliness

Tenacity and the pursuit of goals:  Winner of the ‘Man Versus Minced Pie Competition 2015’ after consuming 27m  minced pies and 2 billion whiskeys in under 3 hours whilst impressively displaying below average levels of flatulence and hiccups

Motivational and inspirational leader: Successfully leads a large team of Elves, creating a positive working environment through 360˚ appraisals, setting of individual targets and recognising effort through introducing ‘Elf of the Month’ scheme. High staff retention achieved against background of increased world population and 20% reduction in budget

Ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines: Travels faster than the speed of light, has met all deadlines and KPIs in the last millennia – would be well suited to working in a  warehouse environment.

If you know anyone who would a CV highlighting their transferable skills then don’ hesitate to contact me!  I am offering a 25% discounted rate if customers order a CV and a LinkedIn profile at the same time until the end of January.

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