Harvest is a time when we get to reap what we have sown and share it with others.

As a CV & LinkedIn writer and Interview Coach, I get the chance to examine in detail exactly what my customers have sown in their life and career. Their CV and LinkedIn can be likened to their ‘Harvest’ representing a gathering, presenting and sharing of their efforts, endeavours and accomplishments in life.

This month, I have been working with APM in London, a pilot government funded project to assist 3,800 disadvantaged and long-term unemployed people back into long-term employment. The average employment gap is 15 years, with many individuals never having worked due to a range reasons including disability and long-term health issues.

These individuals have not had the opportunities to sow the typical experiences you would expect to harvest for inclusion on a CV and sharing with an employer.

Having worked with such client groups for over 16 years now, I know the importance of digging deep and asking the right questions to reveal the root of something positive that can be harvested and shared with others. Last week I trained all the staff at APM in how to dig deep and write about their clients in the most positive manner to influence and persuade an employer to interview them.

I will write the CVs for the hardest to help and time will tell what the fruits of our combined labour have been. Under the government’s watchful eye, if successful, this project will be rolled out across the UK.

If you know anyone struggling to harvest their career and share their experiences positively with an employer then let me know. I offer a 25% discount to people currently not in employment.