My father was a HUGE Burnley football supporter. Thankfully for me this part of his DNA only manifested itself and now lives on in my nephew. One thing however that used to annoy my father was the fact that the players in the Burnley team were not actually from Burnley (like he ever had a chance of being picked for the team himself – great sense of humour my dad).

Fast forward to 2016, Burnley is now firing on all cylinders in the Premier League. I can’t help but compare my father’s thinking about his favourite football team with the global work place as it is today. With my HR background and also as a CV Writer, I have seen firsthand how hiring and keeping the best talent can transform a business. To hire the best talent – and indeed to find the right job – we often have to look beyond what is regionally local to us.

The current political ‘noise’ surrounding the referendum has caused me to reflect on my customers and appreciate their journeys to new destinations in order to reach their career goals. Over 50% of my customers are not from the UK originally and many of my UK customers are currently seeking to work overseas.

So, I would like this chance to shine a light on just some of the amazing customers I have had the privilege of working with in the last 6 months who have included me as part of their journey. If you are thinking of moving overseas for work or know someone who wants to move to the UK, then these customers’ stories may inspire you as much as they did me:

• A Project Engineer from Poland who came to the UK not able to speak a word of English. Within a year she had received a promotion and was managing a team of 15 in a UK engineering firm.

• A Graphic Designer from Italy. With a great portfolio, clients and a major job offer in Italy, he gave it all up because he fell in love with Brighton. Currently looking to break through into the UK Graphic Design Market, in the meantime he is learning English and working in hospitality to put his English into practice.

• A Counselling Psychologist originally from Poland, worked her socks off in the UK for over 10 years then won a place at one of the best universities on the planet and is now back in the UK as a qualified Psychologist and looking to apply her skills to help young people.

• An electro-technical engineer from Ghana, getting his CV into shape while he applies for his VISA to work in the UK.

• An English Language Teacher in Milan, looking for another teaching role somewhere hotter in the South for the summer.

• An Accountant from Lithuania. She left a good Accounting role in Lithuania to move to the UK last year and is currently completing her ACCA studies in the UK before seeking a finance role here.

• A Financial controller from Malta. He moved to the UK to be with family here and gave up a successful career and all his many business contacts in the process. Wants to make a difference and is willing to try anything.

• An Export Manager from Russia originally, now seeking similar role in the UK and although living in London for now is prepared to move anywhere in the UK for work.

• A Customer Services Supervisor originally from the Ukraine. She is now working for a leading high street retail brand in London and managing a small team.

• An award winning Banking Manager originally from Poland. Taught himself 6 languages and studied a Masters in Germany before moving to the UK. Worked his way up from the bottom and is now in a managerial role with a major high street bank.

• A Customer Service Manager from Finland, now in a senior role with a major UK company.

• A Facilities Assistant originally from Poland, moved to the UK after finishing his masters and has worked his way up in this sector including working in a major London government building in London.

• A Bar Manager originally from Georgia, worked as a Manager in Russia after graduating and worked in Spain for 8 years before recently moving to the UK.

• A Property Manager from Milan, left a successful career in Italy to move to the UK. She is now seeking Estate Agency work in London.

• A Project Manager from America, worked in Hong Kong and Bangladesh before moving to the UK last year to be with his UK wife.

• A Regional Sales Director, studied a degree in the UK, a masters in France then moved to Dubai where his career took off in software sales.

• A well-qualified Engineering Manager from the UK, currently applying for work in Australia.

• A Physics and Chemistry teacher from the UK with more energy and passion for inspiring children than you can put a lid on – he is currently looking for challenging teaching roles in Europe or Asia.

If you are thinking of moving to new regions for work or know someone who is, then please pass on my details, you know I will take good care of them.