If you’re lucky enough to be one of the few that make it through to the interview stage then it’s time to make sure you stand out for all the right reasons! Here’s our rundown of the top 5 things NOT to do in an interview:

Don’t turn up unprepared

Everyone has access to the internet in some way or another, either at home, in your local library, via an internet cafe, or even on your smartphone; so there’s no excuse for not doing your research on the company and position that you’re being interviewed for. As the old saying goes “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. At the very least you should visit the company’s website and read up about their background and visions.

Don’t talk too much

It’s understandable that you’ll be nervous in the interview, and some people are prone to waffling when they get nervous. The interviewer does not need to know your entire life story or what you had for tea last night! All they need are comprehensive, succinct, well-formed answers to their questions. It’s quite acceptable to take a few moments to compose your answer in your head before you say it out loud.

Don’t dress inappropriately

Regardless of the company’s day to day dress code you should always dress smartly. Even if the company operates a casual dress code for its employees make sure you get suited and booted for the interview. Showing too much flesh, wearing denim, wearing shorts, or anything see-through is generally big no-no’s! A suit and tie with smart polished shoes for a man, and a trouser or skirt suit for a woman are the norm.

Don’t badmouth your past employer

It’s a small world out there, and if you’re going for a job within the same industry sector that you already or previously worked in then chances are your interviewer may know your current or ex-boss! Avoid any negative comments or referring to your old boss as an idiot, put a positive spin on everything where possible. If you can’t put a positive spin on something then don’t say anything at all!

Don’t be over-confident

Confidence is great, but too much of it can really backfire. When asked where you see yourself in 5 years time try not to say “managing the company”, ambition is great, but pace yourself! When asked about your weaknesses make sure you have an area of development that you’d like to work on; pretending you’re perfect in every way with no weaknesses doesn’t create a great impression!