Success Stories

At the heart of everything that we do is a genuine desire to help people to secure the next move on their career path. We work with both individuals and recruiters and here are just a few success stories and testimonials from people that we have helped.

Testimonials from happy customers

Mike, C-Suite Exec, East Sussex

‘A friend of mine recommended that I contact Charlotte Eve at CK Futures to help me with my CV. I had been actively looking for my next career role at a senior level for approximately 2 years before contacting Charlotte and at that stage had received little interest from agencies and headhunters – despite my strong senior management background. I met with Charlotte and she created 2 CVs and a new Linked In profile for me / with me, within a couple of weeks. Her work completely changed the response rates when applying for a new role! And I’m being regularly called by Headhunters with interesting opportunities. Within 6 weeks of launching my new CVs and Linked In Profile, I have been called for interview by 4 major companies for Director level roles and am now confident that I will soon secure the type of role I have been looking for!’ If you’re not getting traction looking for a job there’s only one place to go! Give Charlotte a call.

Stephanie, Beauty Therapist

I honestly cannot thank you enough!!!! I’ve already got 3 interviews lined up and 1 trade test which is amazing!!! Your CVs were perfect I’m absolutely chuffed with them! I loved our one to one session we had. It wasn’t until after our meeting that I realised how much potential I had and my worth as an employee. Before I had met you I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about finding work in Australia but after I felt more confident and optimistic. You brought out the best in me which shone through in my CV! You really do have a talent for this and I’m so pleased to have met you!
Thank you again with much love and gratitude

Debbie, Cambridge

I am totally blown away. You are in the right profession I am afraid. Thank you for a brilliant cover letter that I can use/tweak for any role. Most importantly you speak from the heart and you have reflected just the kind of person I am. I believe that any employer reading this introduction about myself will want to at the very least, grant me an interview.

Nicola, Parent returner, Bristol

“Hi Charlotte,
I just want to thank you again, I got the job!!!!
Start on Monday. Definitely couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you very much!”

Naomi, Entrepreneur & Sales Professional, Worthing

“WOW! Who is this woman! I want to employ her!!
Thank you – I sound amazing!
I’m buzzing and smiling – Thank you!!!”

Jim, Estate Manager, Wiltshire

“Charlotte is no ordinary CV writer. For a start her services do not break the bank and most importantly she is great at understanding you, the person and divining your value. Charlotte will turn around a CV that will make you think differently about yourself and how you approach the job market. She will orientate your CV language in a way that “sells” you off the page rather than slaving on about your jobs. Charlotte has done my CV, most of my family and other friends too. What she does works and is worth the money.”

Rob, Architectural Technician, Manchester

“Just wanted to let you know that I got a new job very easily with the CV you produced for me and will be starting next week. I am looking forward to taking the next step in my career.”

Dawn, Brighton

“Charlotte wrote my CV earlier this year when my employer organised it through a redundancy package. I have just accepted a position as Finance Officer and it was only the second job that I was interviewed for. Many thanks for all your help and advice.”

Jane, Manchester – Architect

“Just wanted to let you know that my new CV appears to have done the trick at the first attempt! I applied for a job at an architectural practice, asking for most of the skills that are now on my CV, and after a couple of interviews I was offered the job and have accepted. Thanks again!”

Lynn, Lincolnshire – Office Manager

“I thought I’d drop you a quick line to let you know I have accepted a position as a project manager/office manager. I started last Friday and it’s all very exciting, I am developing the business and have to employ five members of staff too and am looking forward to getting my teeth into things. I sent my all singing all dancing CV and this new position was created for me – I can’t thank you enough Charlotte.”

Des, East Sussex – Courier

“I have used CK Futures for over 8 years and have always been very happy with their service. The CVs have helped me to find my next job and CK Futures have always been very friendly and professional to deal with, they even emailed my CV to employers for me when I couldn’t get to a computer. I would definitely recommend CK Futures to other people who need a CV or letter.”

Fiona, Skipton – Support Worker

“I wanted to drop an email to say a huge thank you again for my amazing CV which has landed me a fantastic job!!! I handed my swish new CV in at a fancy warden controlled apartment building in Skipton which is known for paying support workers really well! And lo and behold, they offered me a job! I’ve done 2 weeks there now and I love it. Amazing place to work AND great money so I am over the moon. So thank you again for my CV!”

Kelly, Dorset – HR Professional

“Great work, thank you! Last time you wrote my CV in 2011 my employer organised it through a redundancy package. The CV you wrote then got me the interview for my present job. I am yet again happy with the results and would not hesitate to use your services again in the future. Many thanks indeed.”

Fay, Cheshire – Graduate

“Just emailing to thank you for my CV it has helped in my success for gaining my first medical sales role! The industry is so so competitive and this was my first cv sent and I have got the job so thank you :)”

Dave, Sussex – Odds Compiler

“I was highly recommended to visit CK Futures over 15 years ago to initially get my CV updated to something with a more modern look and to improve the content. I was very impressed with the end product in which there was no charge until I was 100% happy with the work. I have since had my CV tweaked a few times over the years with them and have also had lots of freelance work content and similar carried out, and have found them as professional as can possibly be.”

Joseph, Cardiff – Accountant

“Throughout my career, CK Futures has always been part of my journey. I am very satisfied with the professional service received and prices have been reasonable, and worth every penny as the interviews and roles I have pursued using my CV have been very positive. I highly recommend using CK Futures for CVs and applications, as they will tailor your needs and you will be satisfied with the outcome.”

Graham, Brighton – Horticulture

“I often get excited just reading my own CVs! I have had some very positive feedback from potential employers about my CV. Comments like ‘ you have had such an interesting career ‘ and ‘ your CV shows that you have energy ‘. CK Futures have the ability to make even experiences from the distant past seem highly relevant to today. They are able to really emphasize your skills and attributes in a positive and relevant way. I am a student at present and our course leader highlighted my CV as a good example to the rest of the class. I have already recommended CK Futures to other people who are unhappy with their present CVs. Charlotte is happy to keep adjusting your CV until you are entirely satisfied with the outcome. As an unemployed person, I found CK Futures rates to be very reasonable, considering the quality, the speedy delivery, thoroughness and professional and friendly service that you receive.”

Bushra, Manchester – Learning Support

“Every time I use your CV I seem to get an interview, what more can I say? Even when I did a complete career change you were able to draw out my transferable competencies and it worked. Your CVs have been instrumental in accelerating my career during the last 8 years since graduating.”

Richard, London – Managing Director

“I have worked in sales for 15 years and am really impressed how you have marketed my skills. I am totally confident in using this CV and can see now that my old one was a cluttered rambling list! The one you have created is clear, has my achievements shown throughout and, most importantly, has secured that interview I wanted – thank you!”

Mindy, Sussex – Community Midwife

“I sound amazing, thank you so much! I absolutely dreaded writing my own CV, you have made the whole process easy and my new lovely CV also sounds like me, it is personal while also being professional. I also appreciate the interview book, the questions are really useful practice.”

Alex, London – Media Arts

“Attending your interview coaching sessions filled me with confidence and helped me identify the right skills from my degree and experience and apply them appropriately to show the employer I really was best for the job. Having gotten over first time nerves in my practice interview with Charlotte, I was utterly at ease in the interview and got my dream job: first time!”

Jo, Australia – Business Manager

“I have now used this service twice to update my CV and am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the writing, the efficiency of the service and the professional and friendly approach. The cost is incredibly reasonable and worth it – I got my first management role, a promotion, using a CK Futures resume and have now ended up in a great career in Australia, which I owe to CK Futures. Thank you!”

Ryan, Isle of Wight – Youth Worker

“OMG!!!!! Thank you so very much, I have had the best response ever already! This CV has honestly been the best thing I have ever spent money on! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Testimonials from back to work organisations

These are recent success stories from back to work organisations who regularly use our CV writing service:


Anthony C has been out of work for over 2 years, he is what I would call a full time job searcher, he job searches every day for a couple of hours at a time and he hasn’t had an interview in over a year. Anthony came in for his induction and I got him to fill out the CK Futures CV Information Form even though he thought his own CV was good enough. The new CV came back within 7 days and on Anthony’s next appointment we went through it and Anthony loved it. He started using his new CV straight away and within 3 weeks of using it he was offered 2 interviews in one week and has now had a total of 4 interviews in 2 months. The only thing he is doing different is using his new CV. Well done CK Futures!


One of my clients was applying for admin roles and was not successful in getting interviews. She had lost motivation so I sent her to CK Futures for a new CV. With her new CV 3 Interviews came in the following week from just a single jobsearch session with her and she became much more motivated again. Many of my clients buy into employment once they see their skills on paper and thus giving them confidence and motivation to seek employment. This CV writing service from CK Futures makes my job so much easier!


One of my clients had been applying for ages with a CV that he had written himself. When CK Futures wrote a new one for him his success rate of call from employers doubled, he even got a call from an employer 15 minutes after uploading a CK Futures CV on ‘CV Library.’!


‘A lady I had on my caseload had no confidence and no work history. She had been a stay at home mother for 20 years whilst her husband went to work. The marriage broke down and she found herself having to look for work. All she would say is ‘I’ve only been a Mum’. She didn’t realise the skills she had gained from being a mum. She cried when she saw her new CV from CK Futures and her confidence instantly grew. I would highly recommend CK Futures CV writing service to others.’


About a month ago a customer was looking for job as a Carer Assistant, when she first came to us for help she was very upset and stated (with evidence) that she had been applying for an average of 20 jobs a day. This customer had qualifications and experience from another country, but has been unemployed for 2 years. We got her to complete the CK Futures CV Information form. The form was sent to CK Futures and shortly after we received the customer’s new CV. The customer started to apply for jobs with the new CV, quickly received interviews and then found a job only a week later! The new CV really worked for the customer – Thank you!’


I had a client who is an accountant and has been trying to get a part time job for the last few years. It took her 3 weeks to secure employment with her new CV from CK Futures. In my client’s words she did nothing different than before but since using her new CK Futures CV, she got a lot more calls back from her applications – the only difference was her new CV. I have lots of examples like this using a CK Futures CV, this is just the most recent!

Happy recruiters whose clients we have helped

“If we ever need an urgent c.v. you deliver! We are very happy with the level of service and quality of the CVs.”

“My customers are always very excited to know that they will be getting a professional CV written for them and when they come back they are all very pleased with the results and the new CV gives them confidence to apply for jobs. I feel the CVs we get back from CK Futures stand out from the normal run of the mill CVs that most people have. It gives our customers confidence to be able to apply for jobs and I have noticed many customers that have been unemployed for a long amount of time will go on to get interviews using their new CV. I would not be able to write CVs to the high standard we receive from CK Futures service.”

“This is the easiest service that you can imagine. The service is designed to take the stress of time and deadline of writing a CV.”

“It is all about first impressions, if a CV and cover letter are submitted and they are high quality,(which CK Futures are) it does secure the person an interview. Most of my clients have a CK CV now, and most are getting interviews/jobs – I would defiantly say the CV has played a big part in this.”

“We have been extremely happy with the service from CK Futures, it has been a pleasure to deal with you, and thank you for a truly professional service.”

“I have had the CVs from CK Futures change my customers confidence and have had my customers feel so happy that they have actually cried when receiving the CV. Having a customer with no working history CK Futures still managed to come up with an amazing full page CV about the person.”

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