Is the CV Dead?

The short answer to this question…..? YES… well, sort of!

“But wait, (I hear you cry), you’re a CV writer – this is your bread and butter!” Well, of course, the answer is far more nuanced. Read more…

How to Hack Your LinkedIn Profile (and be 27 times more likely to be found in recruiter searches)

LinkedIn is big, powerful and becoming one of the most important tools for anyone seeking professional roles or looking to develop their career. Read more…

‘Communication’ – the most sought after soft skill

Are you a strong communicator? If so you may be in possession of a soft skill that employers are crying out for. Read more…

Mind the Gap! How to explain career gaps on your CV

Do you have a career Gap? If so, you may be wondering what to do with this on your CV. Having worked with parent returners and people at all stages of their career who have an employment gap – here are some pointers for you to consider. Read more…

How to avoid hating your job (and find your dinosaur)

Over the years of working with thousands of people and helping them to move into their dream job I’ve come across a great many unfortunate people who have either been given bad careers advice in their youth, or made massive compromises and ended up trapped in a career that they can’t see a way out of. Read more…

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