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Fill in all you consider to be relevant, also mention any training courses e.g. computer courses / language courses.

If you are a recent Graduate please include details of your main subjects & dissertation, plus any academic achievements.

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• Please complete with the most recent position first
• If you have had any breaks in employment in the last ten years, please give details
• Include any voluntary work related to your field
• School leavers or students, please mention any work including any placements
• Achievements: think about how you have contributed towards your company, include any facts/figures to back this up.

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Your CV needs to be individual to you. Completing this section will help us to make sure it is.

Description of yourself (how would your friends / colleagues describe you?)

What makes you good at your job (or why do you think that you will be good at the job you want?)
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Your CV needs to be individual to you. Completing this section will help us to make sure it is.
Tick a maximum of 8 of the following characteristics and competencies that most accurately describe you:
Communicator Listener
Relationship builder Problem solver
Organiser Creative
Achieves results Adaptable
Bring order out of chaos Likes change
Likes to win Confident
Brings out the best in others Works hard, plays hard
Risk taker Lateral thinker
Strategic planner Challenges convention
Inspires others Leads by example
Opportunist Entrepreneur
Decision maker Supportive
Customer focused Passionate
Energetic Deals with the unexpected
Integrity Cares for others
Motivated by pressure Leader
Committed Idea generator
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Your CV needs to be individual to you.

Please add any additional characteristics that best describe you or any special skills that you may have.

Personal Achievements (please add anything that you are proud of achieving that you have not already mentioned)

Hobbies and Interests (please be honest - you are not obliged to have any hobbies! If you exaggerate, the employer may catch you out at interview)
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Most employers need names and numbers of people they can contact immediately after interview - we advise you to take names and contact details with you to interview, this gives you the flexibility to change them depending upon the job.

When this applies, we include a last statement on your CV to inform the employer that - 'Details of references will be provided at interview' (it's also the strongest word to finish your CV on).

If you are confident that you will not change your referees and you want to include them on your CV, then please give details below.

Referee 1

Referee 2
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If you have any additional information e.g. job vacancies that you are interested in then please use this space below.

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