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Covering letters are an important part of the application process and one which most candidates overlook. A CV should not stand alone; its direct purpose is to explain ‘how’ you can do the job for which you are applying. A covering letter has a different part to play – it gives you the chance to explain ‘why’ you want to do the job specifically for that employer. In short, it gives you the opportunity to be enthusiastic for working for that employer in the role you are applying for; it gives you the chance to show them that you have not only researched their company, but you have a strong set of skills to match exactly and beyond what they are looking for.

Employers respond well to candidates who do their homework

A covering letter enables you to write gorgeous, persuasive statements such as:

‘I can see from your website and company information that you are committed to customer service excellence; with my 12 years’ experience, passion for customer service and numerous awards for outstanding customer service delivery, I am clearly as committed as you are. Let’s talk.’


‘I have read about your future plans for expansion into the Chinese market; being fluent in Mandarin, with maternal Chinese heritage, I would love the chance to work for a company in which my language skills and understanding of Chinese culture may be of future benefit’

A covering letter is the only place you can write gems like this. Ignore them at your peril!

Most candidates do not write a covering letter. Why? Because they take time, involve research and have to be tailored for each position. You are more likely to succeed if you are the candidate that does things better and differently than everyone else; the old mantra ‘Quality not Quantity’ holds water in the job application process at every stage.

Types of covering letter: Application, Speculative and General

CK Futures can write covering letters for specific positions, speculative approaches and we can also write you a ‘general’ covering letter which covers your strongest skills and selling points and leaves space for you to add in more specific details such as position applied/company details etc. when the time comes. This is a good idea for people who want a covering letter ready for when they need it and want us to write most of it for them in a style that matches their CV we have produced.

A speculative letter is a great idea if you are approaching businesses that you are interested in working for but they are not advertising for positions. Speculative letters need to be punchy, well worded marketing documents that quickly, clearly and persuasively grasp the employers attention.

Our covering letters are £35 (including VAT).

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