Spring Stories of Career Success!

Now that spring has finally sprung (despite ‘The Beast from the East’s best efforts) we think of new life and new beginnings. For many, the winter has been a time of planning career change and I’m pleased to have been actively involved in helping lots of people Read more…

That was a year and a half!

It’s that time of year when we look back and contemplate the year that’s been and (almost) gone. Read more…

The robots are coming! Your career in the age of automation

Automation is here and apocalyptic stories of career doom are hard to ignore but do we really need to rethink our careers today and plan for the arrival of technological advances that will essentially make us redundant? Read more…

The first steps to becoming a LinkedIn master

Most of us use some sort of social network in our day-to-day social lives but for many of us LinkedIn still remains something of a mystery.

You may have a LinkedIn profile but do you use it to it’s fullest potential? Read more…

How Your Social Accounts Can Impact Your Candidacy

What you do on social media is fun, or serious, or interesting. But does it matter to anyone else except the people you’re connected with? Unfortunately, yes—and it’s probably your next potential employer. Read more…

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